Marketing & Promotional Support For PCD Pharma Franchise in India

Marketing and promotion are the essential aspects of any business. For this reason, Ambit PCD Pharma provide a wide range of promotional tools to our customers to get their franchised  sold without any problem.

Some of Pharma Franchise Promotional Tools are:

  • Visual Aids– It will help you provide brief but useful information to your customers and audience about the products. We design the visual aids in a way to leave long lasting impression in the mind of customers.
  • Visiting Cards– It is essential that your audience remember your name and Pharma Company you represents. Hence, we provide attractive and highly professional visiting cards to our clients.
  • Prescription Pads– They are one of the best ways to promote your products in the most effective way. The prescription pads provided by Ambit® Bio-Medix are absolutely aimed at keeping the doctors informed about the products you sell.
  • Individual Literatures – Spreading the seeds of your business can be made easy through the individual literatures. You can get a wide range of individual literatures from us to distribute among the audience and the doctors.
  • R. Bag– The personality and professionalism of your medical representative matters a lot in the success of your business. This is the reason we provide high quality MR bags which can carry a wide range of documents and even sample medicines.
  • Product Glossary– The product glossary provided by us will help your MR and doctors to stay updated with the range of pharma products available under your franchised company.
  • Modern Catch Covers– The catch covers tell a lot of things about the pharma company and its standards. This is the reason why we spend a considerable amount of money behind designing and making the catch covers.
  • Order Book– Taking orders from the medical stores is one of the prime job responsibilities of your MR. So, to make things easier for him, we offer order book as a part of our promotional tools.
  • Time to Time Gift– Presents are the elements that keep the physicians and doctors satisfied and happy with your pharma franchise company. So, we leave no stone unturned to provide gifts that can cheer up the doctors.
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